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Sparkle clean Services
Email: 613.818.7448

The Bottom Line

we provide consistency, reliability, trustworthiness. 


At the back end of cleaning we take pride knowing that our rags are properly sanitized to prevent bacteria and germs from spreading. We thoroughly steam ours rags and disinfect every batch that's being washed.

Color Rags Significance

Yellow Rags: Are used in clients kitchens, on cupboards and countertops.

 Green Rags: Are used in clients bathrooms only. 

        Blue Rags: Are used for dusting and ledges.

This is very important as it tells our clients that no two rags are used in the same space.

We Avoid Using Any Harsh Scrubber or Products 

Products used for mopping : Vinegar and water properly diluted to mop floors. Wood floors are carefully mopped with no excess water on the floors.

Granite countertops: Method granite cleaner is our preference for wiping granite countertops.

Stove Cleaner: We avoid using any harsh scrubber pads on the surface to avoid scratches.

Appliances Clean: We use appliances cleaner and shiner on fridge, dishwasher, microwave.



Standard recurring clean
bi/weekly or weekly clean
Bathroom clean 
Refrigerator clean

Deep clean
Sheet changing 
Bed making

Ledges wipe down 
Railing cleaned
Kitchen appliances Cleaned and polish

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